Leaving Everything Behind

by Lakota Dorris

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released December 3, 2015

All songs written and performed by: Lakota Dorris
Additional vocals/piano: Elisa McGee

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by: Drew Whitman

Photo Credit: Justin Thunder Martin



all rights reserved


Lakota Dorris Olympia, Washington

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Track Name: Window
I leave my window open
I'll slip out if I have to
My room is always frozen
It locks me in my place

I hope when this is over
Your wine will all be ready
You'll need to drink away
Your guilty sense of power

I'm picking up my loved ones
And drowning all my sympathy
Says, "I'll see you next year."
Though it seems unlikely

My windows always open
I won't look back to see it
Halfway to my destination
I'll never fully find it

It's the chase that gets me high
Leaving everything behind
Track Name: Pillow Talk
I can already feel the outline
Of a ring on my left hand
And every month I'm gaining incentive
In greater levels than the last
Fog surrounds my body,
Keeps me cloudy, unaware
But there's always something new to see
Each time my vision clears

We're often stepping into quicksand
Like it's as easy to get free
As it is to let it swallow us,
Let our tired bodies sleep
It's not a conscious choice,
But it's a being of its own
As real as me to you, or you to me

In the safety of our blankets
Our pillow talk will one day save our lives
In those moments before sleep has left us static as they come
This is bigger than I could ever be
Try to remind myself my wants are so much smaller than they seem
Grasping on to some selfless behavior
That I will never reach
Track Name: Baptize Away the Blame
I feel as though it's fruitless
I've run out of things to say
The exhausting hands of winter
Cement you in your own words
Respectful, but seldom heard

You tried to reason with a brick wall
Even I though it would budge
Oh how wrong I was, oh how wrong we were
It's the nature of a brick wall to stand boldly in its place

I thought that you were mighty
Even though you had your flaws
She tried her hand at digging you out of the hole
Where your morals cease to grow

Label me inhuman
It's easier that way
Write me off as trouble,
Corrupting precious family
Baptize away the blame

(Cause you could do no wrong)
Track Name: Comfortable
Toss me the rope
Teach me to climb
The higher we grow
The more I lose my mind

The trouble with finding your own path
The road is started, but never complete
Tamp down the grass in the garden
Carve out that road with your feet

I'm never as afraid of my failure
As you are afraid of your life
The shadow of death seems to haunt you
While I brought him into my light

The trouble with starting your own fire
Is gathering twigs and dry leaves
Sift through the floor of the forest
It's there you will find all you need